Sunday, April 7, 2013

Way Ahead of Myself

I'll admit, it's almost impossible to have a completely original idea anymore. Just about all of my ideas/designs draw some inspiration from somewhere. (Louis = Portal, Light of the Pole = The Secret of Kells). One of my recent film ideas draws a lot of inspiration from Dishonored, though I do not remember how the idea even started.

The basic idea is the setting is this world that looks post-apocalyptic; the land has been devastated by a war fought between two empires, one of which being led by a cruel emperor. After the war, and after the cruel emperor passed away, the emperor's son took the throne to face a world that was angry at his empire. A terrorist group forms from the other empire and starts attacking (I'm just gonna call it-) The Golden Empire. Cutting an explanation short, the Emperor dawns a mask and becomes an assassin (in secret) to take out the key targets of the terrorist group. But his lack of professional-assassination skills and responsibility of The Golden Empire are the least of his worries, as he starts to become haunted by the targets he eliminates.

I've been putting quite a bit of thought into this story, even though I do not think I'll be able to work on it for a long time, if at all. Of course, I took this as a good chance to practice some visual development.

I got a lot of inspiration for his helmet from the album cover of Woodkid's new album The Golden Age, which I've been listening to while pondering the story, since it seems to fit the feel I imagine it having.

I haven't done a whole lot yet, since it's a fairly new idea.

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