Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh, nearly forgot you were there. Sorry.

With the business of school stuff and working on the pledge process of a film-making fraternity, I've forgotten about the blog. A couple instances where someone asked if I had a collection of my work online reminded me that this blog has been sort of my... How would you say it... Portfolio? Show case? A way to show others my abilities. How I work. What I do. etc. I have done quite a few sketches in my sketchbook since my last blog and I figured I should chose now to start uploading some of it. I also have some drawings I did in my drawing class that will be uploaded in a different post.

This post will mainly have my random drawings (the other's will have a "theme") I apologize again for the phone-camera quality. Until I figure out how to scan the pages without ripping them out of the sketchbook I'm just taking them from my phone =/

 I started by trying to do a storyboard-like thing (probably should've thought of a story first, lol) but for some reason ended up making the last picture take up much of the page. (Must've wanted to show off more planets)

Since my last blog post I went through another Titanic-phase (yes, I get those often. Maybe 5 times a year). For as long as I can remember I've drawn side-views of the Titanic. I decided to go beyond what I've been doing and try drawing the Titanic from different angles. (Working on a replica in Minecraft really helped)

Just some practice with facial expressions. I've found that ones that require extra lines are interesting to do (such as the grouch face)

Wheres the theme in these doodles? Lol. Top one I tried something I remember my aunt telling me about one time where she'd draw the skeleton then the skin over it. The face is quite random (I was mostly just practicing shading). And then the bottom one I tried imitating Connor's pose on the cover of Assassin's Creed III

Other than the knees, I was proud of how the figure turned out on the bottom. That's the result of practice practice practice.

Practicing with more animated poses and faces... again...

After a quick look through my sketchbook I realized I have a lot of heads, and not many bodies. I played around with heads + bodies and found that I struggle a bit with the neck/shoulder area =/

Really proud of how the girl in the top right turned out. That is what I'm practicing practicing practicing for. Although her head could be a bit smaller...

Bonus: Not from my sketchbook, but I made a Sugar Rush-like character for a friend :)

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