Friday, April 26, 2013

Some Graphic Design

Here at San Francisco State, I'm in the Animation Society. Unfortunately, I'm not able to animate (yet), but when it was announced that Animation Society was gonna start making their annual(?) collection known as the Animation Finals, I figured I would try and do something. I was given some responsibility over making some of the posters/advertisements. The theme for this year was Video Games, and the person I was working with and I decided I would design posters based around older games and that she would design posters based around newer games. Thought I should post what I came up with on here :)

The first one I did was actually finished before I was given the position of Poster Designer. I was playing Minecraft and got the idea of the blocks spelling out "ANIMATION FINALS". Not a very original idea, but I think it turned out nicely.

The second one I did I'm most proud of. It took a while to figure out the "rules" of the Pac Man levels, but once I figured it out it was actually pretty fun to make. I know that there are supposed to be dots all over the level, but it actually didn't look too good with all of them all over the place. (PS I would never wanna play an actual Pac Man game on this map, too many dead ends)

One of my favorite classic games is Dig Dug, so I knew I had to make a design based off of it. I'm not gonna say much, other than it wasn't my favorite one to work on...

I only did three, and they are "simple" and unoriginal, but I'm still proud of them and glad I got to finally start contributing to Animation Society. Now, let's see if I can get some animation started in the near future ;)

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