Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sith Costume Update / Kylo Ren Costume Part 1

I realize I've been silent on my Sith costume for a while. Working on my thesis film, graduation, moving around and all my stuff being buried in boxes meant I haven't been able to do more work on it (and haven't been able to photograph the work I have done). In the meantime, I've decided to start another project. I'll still be finishing up my Sith costume (too much work and money not to finish it for Halloween or other conventions). My new project is a 501st Kylo Ren costume!

Okay, so here's the start of my Kylo Ren costume work in progress (WIP). I'll start this off by stating my plan for each piece, as I've been doing a lot of research but don't have much money to get started right away. Next to the piece title, I'll say how I plan on acquiring it (Scratch, Modify, Purchase).

Helmet - Modify
My Black Series Kylo Ren helmet was my first piece of the costume. I bought a Disney Store mask as well and haven't yet decided if I wanna brave modifying myself, or saving up to send it to someone else to be modified. I'm thinking, if I do send it to someone else, to go with Richard Campbell's services, as I've heard many great things about his work.

Neck Seal - Scratch
I found a tutorial done by Adam Savage on how to make the neck seal. I could much more easily buy one, but I wanna try my hand at making it myself in order to fit more pride into this costume.

Boots - Modify
I bought the Funtasma Walker-130 boots as part of another costume and found out I can use it in my Kylo costume, given some modifications. I need to replace the straps, trim the shin piece, cover the zipper, and will try to figure out how to add the pleating on the black heel (I've heard electrical tape works. I'll check it out). I'm also planning on looking into heel-lifts and insoles to make myself a bit taller.

Gloves - Purchase
I'm just gonna buy some already-made gloves. Probably from Endor Finders.

Pants - Purchase
I've already got the pants. Found some waxed black denim pants on JCPenney's on sale.

Sleeves - Scratch
Gonna try to attach the sleeves to the base shirt with heavy-duty velcro so that the base shirt (likely a sports shirt of some kind) can be taken off and washed.

Inner-tunic - Scratch
I still don't completely understand how to make this piece (I know the pleating, but how to get it shaped and have the pleating look good will take a bit more figuring out).

Mid-coat - Scratch
Dawn Bright has blessed the Kylo Ren costume-making community with a great tutorial on how to make a good simple mid-coat. I'll likely be following her instruction. Still trying to figure out which kind of wool fabric to get though.

Surcoat - Scratch
I don't completely understand the pattern for this one either, but I'm sure I'll have it figured out by the time I get to it.

Scarf and Hood - Scratch
Seems easy enough, and I'll already have the fabric (probably monk cloth) from the surcoat.

Belt - Scratch/Purchase
I'll make the base of the belt myself, but I'll likely buy the buckle and lightsaber clip from someone.

I think that's just about it. I'll try to keep up and post updates about my progress!

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