Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kylo Ren Costume Part 2

Okey done, here's the first update on my Kylo Ren costume.

I got some flannel for the midcoat and am getting Yaya Han's Cosplay Collection's new black basketweave fabric for my birthday. Just need to get some 7oz duck canvas and I'll have all my materials for my soft parts.

Most of my work has been making the neck seal. I tried making it from the Adam Savage video I found, but ultimately got lost with what I was doing :/ didn't seem like a very good start to my costume :(

Then I found a pattern online. And that seemed to have a much better idea of how to make the neck seal. Here's a Link to the pattern, if you're attempting this costume as well.

The pattern says to print at 100%, but that was WAY too big for my neck. Doing a bit math, I ended up scaling it down to 70%, which ended up a bit too small, as I found out it's not supposed to be "form fit", so I increased it to 75%.

After making 3 muslin mock-ups of the neck seal, I finally felt ready (but still nervous) to move on to making the actual seal.

I used a bit of cotton fabric I found from Jo-Ann's for the base and was given some real leather by my girlfriend's dad for the strips.

I can't believe how well it turned out for my first piece from scratch :) What started as a messy loss ended with a really nice new piece to my costume.

Currently, I'm working on the boots. I took the Funtasma Walker-130 boots I planned to use for my Sith costume and seam-ripped the straps off so that I could add new ones. Why take off straps so that I could make more? The Kylo boots need 4 straps each and the Funtasma ones had 3 each, and I really didn't wanna try to recreate the straps that were already on the Funtasma ones.

I took some vinyl I got real cheap from Hobby Lobby and cut them into 8 strips (1" width, 20" length) and painted the backs black.

They turned out pretty well, but they're a bit thin, so I think I'm gonna cut out some more and super-glue + sew them together, so each strap will be two strips thick. I recently ordered some buckles and, before I make 8 more strips, I'm gonna see how well the one's I've made fit, just in case they end up needing to be longer.

So that's about all the progress I've made so far. Next will be further work on the boots and then making some muslin patterns for the pleated sleeves and inner tunic. I'm also looking into what I need to get for modding my Black Series helmet to make it more accurate. Honestly I'm quite intimidated by what needs to be done for the mod (quite a bit if rotary tool cutting into my really nice/expensive helmet). But I trust it'll be worth it in the end.

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