Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sith Costume and Lightsabers Part 2

Alright, this is probably gonna be a bit on the longer side, cause I need to catch you all up on what I've been up to before deciding to blog about my progress (and what I've done since that decision too). So let's jump right in!

So first, there's the general Sith look. My girlfriend and I looked around some patterns (she has more experience than I do) and bought some fabric. I liked this (McCalls 6209) design, with the scarf (second one down) and the hood (third one down) combined. So I'll try for that.

I managed to cut out the fabric without messing it up (too much) and found that I can use the leftover scraps for the skirt part. I'm a bit worried that the hood isn't big enough, but I figure I can use a bit of scrap to extend it if it's not big enough. Now I just need to find a sewing machine...

For the mask, I bought a pair of welding goggles from Amazon and found a mouthpiece filter on clearance at Home Depot.

I ordered a face mask and plan to cut holes around the eyes and mouth that will be covered by the goggles and mouthpiece.

The voice changer kit arrived, so I need to put that together and find a way to fit that into the mask.

One problem is, while the speaker and mic might be able to fit into the mouthpiece, the motherboard wont. So I'm thinking I'll put the motherboard in a "small" box that will be clipped to my belt. The wires will go through a hose from the box to the mouthpiece, making it look like some sort of filter system. I got a tape measure to provide the clip.

That's what I have for the actual costume so far. I've been looking at a few things on Amazon to help complete the look.

Trying to decide between these two boots. The ones on the left are cooler, but pricier... Hmmm...

Now onto the lightsabers. I started off with some drawings then got 1 1/4" and 1" PVC (you can get pre-cut 2' segments at Home Depot). I then cut pieces of the 1 1/4" to make some details for the hilts. I need to shorten one of them a bit...

As you can see, all the details are either shaped rings, or end caps.

I've gotten a few extra pieces, such as belt clips, fancy knobs, and leather, as well as some chrome and other metallic paint. And yes, I also got LEDs and buttons. These things are gonna light up :)

Not only are they gonna light up, they're gonna have blades too. I ordered these polycarbonate tubes from Custom Saber Shop (check out their website for lightsaber stuffs

I even bought a pack of colored crystals for some added aesthetics! The bottom one is an original, the top two are some sanding trials. Still working on making them look more like they're supposed to.

I like the idea of the internal mechanisms being able to be taken out all at once, so that you have everything right there in one convenient piece. The problem is that the buttons will be poking out through holes, and will be stuck in the shell of the lightsaber. I think I may have an idea how to deal with that. Here are my plans in paper form.

And then here are the pieces laid out for another look at my plan. The spring will hold the button into the whole, as will the screw, but the screw will also serve as a way to hold the internal mechanisms in place, so that they don't move around when it's being swung around.

To hold all the pieces together, I'm gonna attach them all to a 5/8" wide wooden stick, which will be painted to look more metallic. Also, the code for the stick looks awfully close to C3PO to avoid showing off.

I also want to point out that, to screw everything together, I'll be using set screws. These look the most Star Wars-esque (although I'm sure you can point out instances of other screws being used in Star Wars).

So that's what I have so far. I'm currently working on finding a way to sew my costume together and I'm also working on the internal stuff for the lightsabers. I'm waiting for some tools for putting the voice changer together too. Stay tuned for part 3 of my build!

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