Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Louis Concept Pieces

I said I would put up more pictures of some concept stuff I did of the big computer controlling the ship that my robot, Louis, operates in.

C.A.I.C. (Central Artificial Intelligence Computer) is the giant computer controlling the ship Arm's Reach on the mission to explore a far-off planet. Arm's Reach passes through a weird magnetic field on it's course that creates several problems in C.A.I.C.s program, sending "him" and the ship out of control.

These were some of the first couple drawings. I have forgotten what some of my influences are but I know I wanted a design that could show emotion as well as move around in "his" room.

I used Paint Tool SAI to add color and clean up the design. I thought I was done, but I realized this design didn't quite fit what exactly I had in mind.

So I worked on a few more designs. I know I wanted something that: could show "emotion", could move through "his" space. A few optional features were: a glowing eye (possibly to help with emotion as well as show it's broken condition (turning red, flickering, etc.) and hanging wires (just cause I like how they look).

I started to think that a screen somewhere on the face could be a good way to have "expressions". This design was somewhat based off of GLaDOS from the Portal series. I'm still not completely sure about the idea of "him" having arms.

This one was somewhat influenced by Thomas Bangalter's (of Daft Punk) helmet. I do like this design, as the screen can show emotion, it is able to move through its space, it has a couple wires, and it looks partially based off of the same engineering as Louis.

I'm still working on concepts for CAIC hoping to get a perfect feel. Since those concepts I've also decided I want CAIC to look like he was built by the same company that built Louis (which he likely was) and be able to look friendly for before he malfunctions and be able, with the slightest change, to look psychotic for when he malfunctions.

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