Wednesday, June 10, 2015

District 9 Wikus Costume Part 1

I love wearing costumes, as many internet peeps do, and I enjoy making them too, despite the fact that I'm not too experienced in making costumes. Because of my lack of experiences, I've had to occasionally resort to blogs to find out how to do certain parts. I considered making a blog for my last-year costume (Booker from Bioshock Infinite) but never got around to it. This year I decided to give it a shot (I might try and post something about my Booker one later). So, here's the first part of my costume for this year, Wikus from District 9. Keep in mind, I'm not experienced, so I'm not sure how well this will all turn out in the end. Also, I'm a college student, so I don't have a large amount of money to spend on this. I have until Stockton-Con on August 8th.

Let's get started...

For this part, all I can talk about is my plan. I'm planning on being mid-transformation, so I'll have alien-bits sticking out of my arm and face.

So far, my plan is to use liquid latex for much of the alien skin, but I am considering having the arm bits attached to the torn-up white casual shirt I'll be using, so that I can just slip on the alien bits and don't have to apply each and every piece when dressing up, but I'm not completely counting on that working. This will also be my first time using liquid latex, so it'll be a trial and error process in the beginning. I'm also planning on contacting my optometrist to see if I can get a prescription for colored contacts (as it's illegal to buy them, even non-corrective ones, without a doctor's prescription).

Part of what made me decide to be Wikus for this year was what I discovered while working on one of my animations. I was making an Aliens animation and used rotoscoping for much of it, including the alien. For that I made paper claws (the ones that one of your friends made in middle school) and recorded me doing some of the hand actions with them on. I found that if you layer the claws on one another, it doesn't look half bad and is somewhat sturdy. It made me think of Wikus' alien hand, and got me considering this whole thing.

Again, I'm not completely counting on this idea working, but my plan for the hand is to construct the fingers out of paper claws and find a way to further strengthen them. They will then be painted, of course. Worst case, this doesn't work and I might get a Halloween glove and work with that.

Originally I thought "No gun..." mainly because of the price of the props on Weta's website (and custom ones on the internet), until I noticed that some people had made them from Nerf guns. I have a Nerf Longstrike sitting around that could be perfect for this project.

 photo d88c_nerf_longstrike_rifle_parts.jpg photo DSC08655.jpg

It won't be an exact replica, but I want to get the general feel down. I'll probably only do a paint-job and attach a few canisters to it.

I'm looking forward to putting this thing together. This will be the first time that I will be using makeup for a costume that wasn't the crayon-like stuff you get at Party City (not saying those are bad at all). I'll try my best to keep this blog up to pace with this project so that you can see my process. 

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