Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Woah, I've been falling behind! :O So many drawings I've done and I've been busy with schoolwork. For one thing, I am still doing the drawing each day thing, I've just forgotten to post them on here. Also, I'm currently taking Drawing for Animation, which is also producing some good pictures. In fact, I'll post some of them here now.

First homework assignment was to draw a self portrait that makes a statement about our relation to art and animation. What was my statement? I love sci-fi :) Ok, there's more. Mostly how my dream job is to work for Disney or Pixar (hence Stitch hitchin' a ride) and my dream dream job is to play The Doctor (hence me flying the TARDIS). For some reason the space clouds in the background are way more apparent than they were when I was drawing this. Or maybe it's just my computer screen...


Heads and faces. I'm actually impressed with myself on how some of these turned out. The faces on the top right were from photographs and we were given only a couple minutes to get the general appearance down.

Finally, some poses and anatomy. Don't have much to say other than the current assignment I'm working on is drawing poses of one of my own characters. Which character? You'll find out when I remember to publish another post.


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